About us

Nova clinic is the first integrative and preventive medicine clinic in Kyrgyzstan, which provides a complete range of health-improving and aesthetic medicine services. The strong desire to improve the quality of life of people, to create the generation of healthy and conscious people and the new approach to health, in general, lie at the core of the work of the NovaClinic team.

  • Increase life expectancy
  • Improve quality of life
  • Prevent the development of serious diseases
Why choose us?
  • We treat not the symptoms, but the cause of the diseases

  • A team of practicing physicians who repeatedly improve their qualification abroad

  • Complex of services in one place - saving time

  • Principles of integrative and preventive medicine - we consider the body as a single system

  • ECG
  • Bioimpedance
  • Angioscanning
  • Ultrasonic diagnostics of all organs
  • If you do not have the opportunity to visit the clinic, our specialists will conduct an appointment at your home or office
In home medical consultations:
  • ENT doctor
  • Traumatologist-orthopedist
  • Osteopath-reflexacupuncturist
  • Therapist, health consultant
Nova Clinic presents 10 packages of VITAMIN DRIPS
  • FERRUM– repletion of ferrum deficiency
  • ZINC– repletion of zinc deficiency
  • ANTI-FLU - for cold and flu
  • GLUTHATION - the youth and beauty molecule
  • GARLIC - immune system reinforcement
  • LIVER - improvement of liver function
  • PLACENTA - the path to longevity
  • SLIM - weight loss
  • RECOVERY – prior and post surgery recovery
  • AFTERPARTY – hangover cure
  • In the future, together with the doctor, the method of treatment is selected:Endovenous laser coagulation of veins (ELCV) is an innovative modern type of surgical intervention on varicose veins using the thermal energy of a laser beam.
  • Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical method of treating varicose disease and vascular spiders by introducing special adhesive substances - sclerosants into the lumen of the veins.
  • Clarivein is a modern innovative method of intravascular cure of any stage of varicosis, it is carried out by one injection, without anesthesia and hospitalization.
It is important to remember that all problems are individual, and therefore treatment cannot be universal

Our phlebologist, vascular surgeon Nurmat Kubanychbek uulu will select the optimal and more effective treatment for varicose veins for your case

Pain-free and incision-free treatment of varicose veins
The most modern and not traumatic method
At the first stage, our specialist needs to carry out an accurate diagnostic; this is the key to successful treatment - Ultrasound Doppler vessel scanning (UDVS)
Osteopathy, acupuncture, massage

Osteopathy is a method of manual influence on the anatomical structures of the organism. Osteopathy is an effective non-drug treatment for many diseases. The core principle of osteopathy is to help the organism for self-healing.

Acupuncture is a method of influence by thin needles on certain points on the human body. It has been clinically proven that acupuncture normalizes the functional state of internal organs

Treatment with needle therapy and osteopathy helps with headaches, bad habits, poor sleep, chronic fatigue, joint diseases, internal organs and the nervous system.

In our clinic, an osteopathic doctor, reflexacupuncturist, candidate of medical sciences, Kalyuzhnaya Oksana Aleksandrovna is available.
All types of massages are offered in the Nova Clinic
  • Our massage specialist was trained by Farkad Makhmudovich.
  • She worked in large hotel chains such as Rixos Premium Belek Rixos Downtown, Falez hotel, Karmir Resort Kemer, Harrington Park Resort, Kaya Palazzo golf resort.
  • She massaged such famous persons as Paris Hilton, mother of Ramzan Kadyrov Aymani Kadyrova, Mustafa Sandal and many politicians in Turkey and other countries.
Types of massage
• Back+ cupping
• Lymphatic drainage
• Vacuum (back)
• Therapeutic + cupping
• Classic body massage
• Anti-cellulite (localized)
• Stone therapy (hot stone)
• Program "Relax” (aroma therapy)
• Neck and collar area
• Head + neck and collar area
• Sculptural-buccal facial massage
• Head + hand with paraffin therapy
• Balinese relaxation massage (medium pressure)
• Therapeutic massage with hand and foot stretching
• Thai therapeutic massage with oil
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